The Elliot Mason Signature Series


For the last four years I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with one of today’s premiere master craftsman, Michael Corrigan from BAC, (Best American Craftsman)

Our objective being, to design a fresh and unique line of custom built trombones with the most demanding musicians in mind.

The Elliot Mason Signature Series uses the finest materials available and unparalleled customization options that allow you to personalize how your horn feels, reacts, and sounds. The option of several brilliant and innovative features enable you to tailor an instrument to your preferences, embodying your personality.

Mikes impeccable standards and tight tolerances during assembly separate this horn from the competition.

Elliot Mason Signature Series

The Elliot Mason Signature Series handslide includes some of the most intricate and modular components available:

Interchangeable Slide-to-Bell Adapters

Thanks to our unique interchangeable slide-to-bell receiver system, the handslide stands on its own as an enhancing piece of equipment that can literally be paired with any trombone bell on the market. Mike has threaded adapters readily available to fit most major brands, and custom adapters can be easily manufactured upon request.

Custom Leadpipes

The custom leadpipes were one of the things I was extremely excited to experiment with, not just the tapers but the wide range of materials on hand. Materials that are available include nickel silver, yellow, gold, red brass and 100 percent copper.  We currently offer 3 different tapers designated A,B, and C (each with a different rate of taper).  Each taper is available in multiple lengths to ensure that you have complete control over the resistance and response that you desire. My current all round favorite is the “B2-C model” (in copper), a long, focused pipe with a medium rate of taper.

Ergonomic Bracing

Each handslide features an ergonomic slanted left hand brace, as well as slightly oversized cork barrels for optimal comfort during performance.  In addition, the right hand grip is significantly thinner than any other model available. For me, this facilitates a relaxed slide technique with more efficient use of the wrist, particularly during lengthy slide movements.  Additionally, the smaller grip lightens the outer slide significantly, contributing to a lighter feel and faster slide action.  Traditional hand braces are also available upon request, as are other custom options to suit your individual needs.

Elliptical End Crook

Yet another unique feature of the Elliot Mason Signature Series handslide is the elliptical end crook.  Unlike a rounded crook (i.e. King) or a squared off crook (i.e. Bach), I selected a more drastic elliptical bend for my instrument.  This causes the handslide to gain an unbelievable focus and clarity as the airstream is quickly and efficiently redirected from one set of slide tubes to another.  Articulations speak clearly with less effort, and the whole instrument seems to respond with a fantastic ease of playing.  These end crooks are available in 100 percent copper, gold brass, yellow brass and nickel silver.

I am so proud to be associated with the Signature Series handslide, I feel it has redefined today’s standard and is without a doubt my favorite handslide on the market.

The Elliot Mason Signature Series handslides are now available to order, we are in the final production stages of our bell sections, all with the larger aim of continuing the development, innovation, and evolution of the trombone.

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