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The Bear

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Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers

Vanguard | 2009

featuring: Brad Mason – Flugelhorn featured on “Dying Wish Of A Teenager”

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Massachusetts natives, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers release a New album The Bear produced by Tom Schick (Norah Jones, Ryan Adams, Rufus Wainright) and Sam Kassirer(Josh Ritter, Erin McKeown). The Bear finds the band unveiling their rawest and most definitive album to date.

Jonathan Keefe (Slant Magazine): With no shortage of singer-songwriter acts cluttering up the indie-rock and Americana landscapes, it’s often difficult for artists to distinguish themselves from the Ryan Adamses, Josh Ritters, Josh Rouses, and Ben Kwellers of the word. That’s something Stephen Kellogg and his band the Sixers have struggled to do over the course of their career, having kicked around in the minor leagues and on the college circuit for well over a decade and even landing a brief stint with a major label, but their latest effort, The Bear, is an attention-grabbing, self-assured set.
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“I’m happy to say the album absolutely delighted me. The Bear is easily Kellogg’s finest effort to date.” ThatGuy / Hear-Ya

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